Mutiny in the Russian army-

'Certain death' Demoralised Russian mobilised troops!


March 11-

A NEW mutiny by Vladimir Putin’s ‘cannon fodder’ troops has seen mobilised men refusing go to the frontline as assault troops, and taunting their commander to jail them instead. The reservists say their officers openly call them “meat”, warning they have seen a wipeout of their comrades. The men, from Kaliningrad, harangue their commander in a showdown meeting, and question the whole point of Putin’s war. They demand: “For who, for what [are we fighting]? “We are sent to certain death.” This is the latest of multiple recent cases of Russian troops refusing to obey orders and fight as stormtroopers at the frontline for the pro-Kremlin forces of the Donetsk People’s Republic. Mobilised men sent to fight from many regions enlisted by Putin questioning why they are used in the vanguard while regular troops remain further back.

Courtesy: The Sun:


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