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My Communism Test!


June 28-

Do you think yourself to be a die-hard communist, or a staunch supporter of free market economy, that is, capitalism?

As Prof. Jordan Peterson has famoulsy said, “You are complex beyond your own understanding; more complex than anything else that exists, excepting other people; complex beyond belief.” So, you might think I am all for a welfare state, but in reality you harbor a deep fear of the state that is so powerful that it can give you the basic needs and meaning of lice, can as well take those things from you!

Let me quote Dr. Peterson at some length here, before going for the test:

“How do you know who you are?
You are complex beyond your own understanding; more complex than anything else that exists, excepting other people; complex beyond belief. And your ignorance is further complicated by the intermingling of who you are with who you could be. You are not only something that is. You are something that is becoming— and the potential extent of that becoming also transcends your understanding.

Everyone has the sense, I believe, that there is more to them than they have yet allowed to be realized. That potential is often obscured by poor health, misfortune, and the general tragedies and mishaps of life. But it can also be hidden by an unwillingness to take full advantage of the opportunities that life offers— abetted by regrettable errors of all sorts, including failures of discipline, faith, imagination, and commitment.

Who are you? And, more importantly, who could you be, if you were everything you could conceivably be?”

So, one good step toward knowing oneself may be taking some more or less objective test.

Individual Differences Research ( has an interesting testing platform, where one can test to what degree s/he believes in commuism or communist principles.

Communism is a social and political ideology whose ultimate goal is the establishment of a communist society, which is defined as a socioeconomic order based on common ownership and the absence of social classes, inequality, and private property.

While Communism encompasses several of schools of thought, this test uses the classical Marxist texts and history as its foundations to determine whether you qualify as a Marxian communist.

The IDRlabs Communist Beliefs Test was informed by classic works of literature and the historical foundations of Marxist communism to create this free online test. As a political ideology, proponents of communism believe that society’s resources should be communally shared, while social classes should be eliminated. IDRlabs International and the present IDRlabs Communist Beliefs Test are independent from any researchers who have produced work in the area of communism or any such related topics.

Some sample questions, you have to either Agree or Diagree, and how strongly:

  1. All credit and loans should be centralized in one national bank controlled by the state.

  2. There should be a 100% tax on all inheritance.

  3. There should be no such thing as private ownership of land.

  4. The worth of a commodity should determined by the amount of labor required to produce it.

  5. There should be no such thing as private ownership of businesses.

  6. Poverty, disease, and early death are endemic to capitalism.

  7. The individual’s best interests are indistinguishable from society’s best interest.

  8. The state should be responsible for providing all citizens with basic necessities, including food, housing, medical care, and education.

  9. The absence of a free market economy will inevitably lead to the suppression of individual rights.

  10. The working classes across the world have more in common with each other than they do with the non-working classes of their own countries.

    Why don’t you take the test yourself? It only takes about 5 minutes!
    Link to the test here:
    Jordan Peterson:

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