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My experience in working for COVID-19 kits and relief support


June 06-

Piya Ratna Maharjan

It deeply hurts to see people suffer from and die of causes which could have been greatly curbed and avoided. So, I was moved to make every effort to contribute in that direction, with all my experience and background in social service and coordination among various national and international entities.

After the second wave of COVID-19, many people contracted the disease, over 4000 people died, and thousands more severely suffered in less than a month. Seeing this pathetic situation, I got engaged with a group of doctors, and my organization TRAC Nepal and International Youth Society and volunteers of different organizations. We held zoom meetings and made efforts with cooperate and collaborate with hospitals and doctors.

This positive response came from abroad for support.  We distributed over 250 thousands gloves. 70 thousands hand gloves to Patan and Trauma Center of Bir Hospital respectively, and more than a million of PPE and kits. Gowns for doctors and nurses were also provided, including the doctors of the Teaching Hospital. 

COVID kits to Bir Hospital

All this was made possible because of the generous support from various humanitarian organization from Taiwan and Malaysia,  and a group of people from Europe and America. We are planning to set up Oxygen plants, because many people died because of the lack of oxygen during last weeks.

COVID kits handed over to Patan Hospital

Regarding the Relief Distribution Programme, 1500 families in the valley Kathmandu, Lalitpur, Bhaktapur were supported. Also in , Ramechhap, and  Manang, and Mustang too. Another 5900 families in Sindhuli, and remote areas of Lalitpur like Malta, Chaughare are helped, 3 days to cover these areas. The objective of all these efforts is to provide relief to the needy people. We have supported them with essential provisions like 25 kg rice grain, 10 kg wheat flour, gram, cooking oil, sugar, vegetable etc.

Over 1 million dollar was the cost of all the equipment and relief materials. For Curbing and controlling the COVID-19, and saving precious lives.

I am glad to be able to coordinate this relief program. And trust for your continued support for this noble cause. Thank you.


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