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Personaliity types and Handling Conflicts-

Insights form My Profession


January 12-

We have taken this excerpt from the book My Profession by the Swiss business coach and mentor Mario Bruehlmann. This may be a timely piece about conflict handling. -Editor

4 Personality Types: Ants, Elephants, Monkeys and Lions

Different personality types require different learning and application methods. When we enjoy learning, we are much more successful. We must therefore find methods that suit
us and bring us joy.

Ants prefer methods that require logical thinking and allow for a chronological approach. They want to deal with ONE thing at a time. Multitasking stresses them out and causes mental blocks. The same is true for time pressure.
Ants are most effective when they can work on one task without being disturbed and without time pressure.

Elephants are most productive in a harmonious atmosphere. They like to work on a team and employ proven methods. Changes to the way of working and structural changes within the
team lead to insecurity.

Monkeys love methods that offer freedom of choice and a framework for creativity. Chronological and strongly structured methods constrict them, producing unwillingness and resistance. They are inspired by a variety of methods and contacts.

Tigers love methods that quickly and safely lead them to their goal. Distractions from what is essential stress them out. They need clear structures and goals and prefer methods that are simple and fast.

If we again look to the four animals, we find very different approaches for dealing with conflict. Ants will analyze a conflict in detail, but will often not seek out direct verbal communication with the people involved.

Elephants are afraid of confrontation and prefer to sweep conflicts under the rug in order to preserve harmony. Monkeys do not regard conflict as dramatic and hope that the storm will simply blow over soon. And tigers don’t even notice that there is a conflict and therefore see no need for action.

What does this mean? Different personality types need different insights when it comes to dealing with conflicts.
Ants must learn to address conflicts not only on the factual level but also emotionally through direct conversation with those involved.

Elephants must find the courage to endure disharmony, address conflicts and justify their own position.
Monkeys need to take conflicts more seriously and understand the situations of other people better.

Tigers must develop empathy and take time to activelylisten to others in order to better understand their perspective.

Courtesy: My Profession Tailor-Made


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