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Piers Morgan vs Mikhaila Peterson And Jordan Peterson-

Insights into Family Bonding and Overcoming it Together


October 9-

Famed Canadian psychologist Dr Jordan Peterson and his daughter Mikhaila are interviewed by Piers Morgan in which the two openly share their struggles, health traumas, and how communicating with one another helped them overcome victim mentality.

Piers Morgan Uncensored is joined for part two of his interview with clinical psychologist Jordan Peterson and the pair are joined by his daughter and influencer Mikhaila Peterson for an extended interview. The father and daughter discuss Jordan’s heightened emotions when engaging with fans, their previous health scares, Mikhaila’s divorce and re-marrying, Mikhaila’s conversion to religion and more. At the very end, Piers asks the pair what their favorite thing is about each other and for the third time, Piers’ question makes Jordan turn emotional when discussing his admiration for his daughter.

Courtesy: Piers Morgan Uncensored: Piers Morgan vs Mikhaila Peterson And Jordan Peterson | The Full Interview – YouTube



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