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Is there any possibility of faith-led parties collaborating?

There is, but the recent past is not much encouraging


September 10-

There was some concern if half a dozen of the faith-led parties could collaborate in the upcoming general elections.

The concern comes from pure in the hearts, who want to see the parties ideally united. But since this far from reality or possibility presently, they could talk to each other and collaborate. Collaborate by way of not lodging candidacy in the same constituency. That sounds simple, practicable and desirable.

But is  it so simple and practicable? Specially given the fact that they were and still are hell-bent on eliminating each other by hook or crook! If they were at least on talking terms, and respectful to one another, it woud be possible to go for such a collaboration.

Two weeks back, the scribe himself an important office-bearer in a certain outfit, was approcahed by a represnetative of another, and was proposed something similar. The concern or suggestion was the same then too- let us first be respectful and not come off as enemical on social sites.

The faith community has a sizable number of people who want to see the parties come together even if ony for greater success in the elections.

The video below is from the day of unification of two parties, which separated within mere three months.



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