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Ruptures and Landslides within the purposed Alliance-

JPN Vice-chair Kal Bahadur BK resigns to join Social Unity Party


October 25, Lalitpur-

There was some rumor and lo and behold, some photos were shared on the sites about the purposed allinace between JPN and APMP, joined and called for by the ousted faction of SUP yesterday and the day before.

But before they could even bask in the childish fantasy of having an alliance against SUP, JPN strongman Kal Bahadur BK today resigned from the party, and joined Social Unity Party-thereby proving the uselessness of the unlikely alliance and the untrustworthy characters therein.

“I did not see any future in that party, and even the officials were ashamed of identifying themselves as party officials, could not share party posts on facebook, and had no passion to work. I found SUP has the passion and organizational strength, so I’ve joined here,” Vice chair BK said in the welcome and entrance program.

Mr BK has a good organizational reach and skills, and commands control in the valley and half a dozen districts around the valley, apart from being the founding president of Landless Squatters’ Welfare Front, Nepal Dalit Welfare Federation, and Nepal Laborers’ Federation, among others.

SUP has been slowly but surely gaining grounds amongst the faith community, the Dalits, social outcasts and the downtroden section of the society in the recent weeks even as internal conflicts seemed to drag it down. But finally, after pugring itself of the unlikely actors, it has mustered courage and strategies to speed ahead, the General Secretary says.

SUP leads DSA under the single election symbol Guitar.

BK’s speech:


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