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Russia’s many war crimes in Ukraine-

When will Putin be held to account?


February 20-

Russia and its ruler Vladimir Putin have been accused of serious war crimes ever since the invasion on Ukraine last year.

Whatever the perceived threat to the security of Russia from Ukraine by its desire to join NATO, military invasion cannot be justified. Moreover, indiscriminate attack on civilins and residential areas is beyond defensible.

Though accusations of crimes against humanity are mostly symbolic, as they do not trigger any international consequences—including in the U.S.—because “crimes against humanity” are not officially codified in any international treaty, according to the United Nations. Yet, such accusations tarnish the national image of the country in question, and thereby reduce its soft power.

Russia to be held accountable- Mounting evidence of war crimes by Russia: https://adhikpost.com/russia-to-

The US Vice President Kamala Harris, in an address to the Munich Security Council Saturday, cited civilian deaths in an attack on Mariupol, mass deportations of Ukrainian children, “gruesome acts” of murder, torture, rape, as well as “execution-style killings, beatings and electrocution” of Ukrainian civilians by Russian military forces.

Harris’ announcement is the second time the U.S. has accused Russia of committing war crimes in the last year. In April 2022, President Joe Biden, citing photographs of dead civilians from Bucha, Ukraine, called Russian President Vladimir Putin a “war criminal” and called for him to go to trial. Other institutions have accused Russia of committing crimes against humanity, including Amnesty International, a human rights organization that cited instances of the forceful transfer and deportation of people from Ukraine.
It is noteworthy that human rights entities like the Amnesty International have also accused Russia of war crimes.

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