SUP division takes a new turn-

New pages and groups created


September 05, Kathmandu-

Social Unity Party (SUP), which was in divisions for over a month, has finally officially acknowldeged the division- by creating new party pages.

The discontented group leaders are now ousted and the group is massively weakened as the election commission refuses to recognize them in any way. Therefore, many of the misled members are returning to the establishmnet now, office administrator said.

This is the new page created today:



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  1. Stop this nonsense and post an official statement. I could also just create a website and post that the party has split, see to avoid dispute, an official letter signed by all the members has to be shown else I am claiming the general secretary’s post of this joke as a party.

    Creates a new FB page, what a joke. Do you think that will make this nonsense legitimate?

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