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Some unwritten social rules everyone should know-

Courtesies speak volumes about us!


November 16-

Here we have compiled some social rule which are nowhere taught and/or written, but which speak volumes to who we are as a person and a society, nay, as a nation.

  • Don’t look away during a conversation.
  • When somebody complains about their spouse, don’t badmouth, just listen.
  • Don’t suggest a medicine to someone who is ill (unless you’re a specialist).
  • When you realise your mistake, accept it don’t go on arguing.
  • Don’t show your artistic nature on a borrowed book/notebook.
  • If somebody is giving you treat, let them order.
    Scribe with his wifey during c4i Asia Pacific Conference, 2019
  • Don’t bite your nails or shake your legs during an interview, it shows you’re being restless.
  • Never make sound while eating in public.
  • Never shout to prove your point.
  • Don’t stare someone while he/she is eating.(I wish I could tell this to my dog)
  • If an elder arrives, stand up and offer them your own seat.
  • Always say Thank you to the delivery boys/girls.
  • Compliment somebody who you think is internally beautiful/handsome.
  • If somebody says, ‘Can I ask you something?’ or ‘We need to talk’, be prepared for a serious conversation.



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