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The Saudis indict the Palestinians instead of saving them – analysis


October 6-

Explosive interview with Saudi Prince Bandar bin Sultan has made the Kingdom’s position on the Palestinians murkier than ever.

Prince Bandar painted the Palestinians as ingrates. He recounted Saudi Arabian efforts to help Palestinians going as far back as 1945, advocating for their cause to US President Franklin D. Roosevelt.

“Whenever [the Palestinians] asked for advice and help, [Saudi Arabia] would provide without expecting anything in return, but they would take the help that we provide and ignore the advice,” the Saudi prince said, with “help” referring to material support.

The Al Arabiya write-up of the interview featured a line quoting Saudi Arabia’s Foreign Minister Faisal bin Farhan as saying the stance on the Palestinian cause is “firm” and “will not change.” But that’s one line in a litany of complaints.

The interview shows a sharp shift in moderate Arab states’ leadership against Ramallah, and could very well be the opening salvo in a campaign by the Saudis against the PA.

What’s certain, following Prince Bandar’s interview, is the Palestinians can no longer view the Saudis as their salvation after Israel’s peace with the UAE and Bahrain has shifted the paradigms of the Middle East.

Courtesy: Jerusalem Post

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