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What is the current plight and dimension of civic and media advocacy?


September 07, Kathmandu-

“Media Advocacy Forum-Nepal is to mark 2nd AGM Amidst Recognitios, Advocacy Awards, and Keynote Speech and Advocacy Remarks!!!” – reads the facebook page post of MAF-Nepal.
But what kind of advocacy is being undertaken presently? Is the question one is faced with immediately.
“…MAF-Nepal has completed 2 years of its establishment/registration. Therefore, we are going to hold 2nd AGM
along with Keynote Remarks on Current Status of Advocacy by MPs, Networks Leaders, and Distinguished personages…will also Reconnize and Appreciate some Distinguished Personanges for their contribution to the nation. Also, MAF Advocacy Award 2021 will also be awarded to Advocacy and/or Investigative Journalists…”
Awarding media persons is for sure an encouraging thing to do! Let’s wait till Friday late afternoon to see what keynote remarks will be delivered then!

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