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Social Unity Party and Janajagaran Party Nepal unite-

An Emblem of Unity, Peace and Prosperity


May 9, Kathmandu-

Janajagaran Party Nepal- led  by Dr. B P Khanal, and Social Unity Party- led  by C. B. Gahatraj united in a pleasantly surprising move last month even as the minority and marginalized Christian community of Nepal had been praying for and making every effort of dialogue and negotiation between the two and among some half a dozen parties with leadership from members of the faith community.

The unification was made largely possible by the guardianship and initiative of the major natruonal bodies like NCFN, FNCN and NCS, and a key role was played at the last hour by NCFN Chair Revd. Hanok Tamang, for whom the path had been sort of prepared by the Political Concern Forum led  Rev. Samule Sangram Rai lately assisred by media persons from the faith community.

It all happened at such a speed and amidst a flurry of meetings and dialogues that depsite being in the loop on and off and having actually worded some fo the provisions of the negotiations, the scribe found himself too overwhelmed to be able to stop and jot down the event as a news cverage. Or better, he counted it above and beyond being merely news-worthy, sort of a sublime occaskion and news, so this is the first time after three weeks that this hodpodge of a news analysis is attempted- so excuse me my belated coverage.

Now we are at the final days of the local elections campaign, and entering a two day silent period soon. Not much fanfare and disseminatrion and campaigning was made- keeping the federal and provincial elections in target rather that the local elections as the party did not have much time for perparation.

But the marginalized community and others are very excited- as the first hand experience of trthe scribe as the party’s Joint General Secretary travelling to three Provinces (5, 6 and 7) has it.

More news and views wiuill be forth-coming soon on this portal- unashamedly and unapologetically.

Stay tuned!



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