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Where is the Ukraine crisis heading?

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March 16-

Russian President Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine is part of Russia’s broader confrontation with the West. This includes Russia’s deep involvement in Syria, where it is cooperating with the Syrian regime and Iran.

The Ukraine crisis raises a much larger problem for the West: what capacity does the West, which has been down-sizing its military capacities, and has no appetite for military conflict, have to confront Russia’s expansionist ambitions? What if Russia tries to take over the whole of Ukraine, whose sovereignty it denies? How should the West deal with Russia’s growing cooperation with Iran and China in the Middle East?

However all of this plays out in the coming weeks and months, Russian and Iranian aggression have major security consequences for Israel.

Most immediately, Ukraine’s Jewish communities are threatened. Israel, rightly, is preparing for large-scale evacuation of Jews from Ukraine, which number up to 300,000. Christians for Israel’s team in Ukraine is working hard to assist.

Koen Carlier reports: “Our priority is to continue to pack and distribute the food parcels now. In addition, we are constantly monitoring the situation at the airports so that the Jewish people who are planning to leave can actually go to Israel. We are strengthened by the knowledge that the Mighty One of Israel holds everything in His hand.”

As Corrie ten Boom so beautifully put it:
“Never be afraid to trust an unknown future to a known God.”

Courtesy: c4i


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