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Yet another hope for faith-based politics-

Unification and Republican Alliance on the table!


February 24, Kathmandu-

Faith-led political activism and movement, it seems, has finally succeeded in bringing some aspirants together.

As it transpired by the social media post by some of the conveners or moderators of the dialogues and negotiation, there is a strong sense that at least some four factions/parties are coming together for collaboration and potentially unification/merger.

KB Khati, who was associated with JPN for nearly a decade, and who flip-flopped with deserting JPN to enter SUP to again desert SUP to enter CPN-UML, and now mediating among the parties/factions, posted on facebook to the effect:

At a time when even the atheist/communist forces seem to be bending their knees before the communal forces if only to curry favor to the majoritarian popular base, and when the Hindu ultra-nationalist atavistic forces are hell-bent resorting to the obsolete monarchy and Hindu kingdom, it certainly is a good sign for the minority faith community to rally around a single political party, some are convinced. Others are not so optimistic, though, fearing that it may further ostracize and antagonize the community vis-a-vis the rest of the mainstream. 

“Now who do not respond to this call for collaboration, they will be sort of excommunicated and labelled the black sheep,” a senior player from the east divulged in messenger call with the scribe.

Some players have been unanimously boycutted by the negotiators as unethical and shoddy characters who in the name of working on behalf of the faiath community have committed grave injustice on the same and have threatened to report/deport missionaries, whereas some are under scrutity as allegedly they have tried to extort amounts from preacher and missionaries. Such will also be boycutted and dubbed “Anti-God” and lawless, one said.

The parties/factions in dialogue are: राष्ट्रिय मुक्ति आन्दोलन (NLM -National Liberation Movement) founded by J V Shah, जनजागरण पार्टी नेपाल (JPN) led by Dr. BP Khanal,  आमूल परिवर्तन मसिह पार्टी (APMP), पूर्व-सामाजिक एकता पार्टी समूह (ex-SUP team) led by Prem Karki, and incumbent SUP team which is either resigning or taking control depending on the approcah by the establishment, among others.

The new effort aims at forging a greater Republican Alliance against all forms of dictatorships, monarchy, theocracy and communist/socialist totalitarianism.

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