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Alliance of 13 Parties and fronts DSA unifies under “Guitar”-

SUP's Election campaign getting colorful


Kathmandu, August 17-

Democratic Socialist Alliance (DSA)- an alliance of parties and fronts upholding federalism, secularism (FoRB), republicanism, inclusion and proportionate representation- has secured “Guitar” as its election symbol for the upcoming election for members of parliament and province members.

DSA parties registering at Election Commisson

After regestering parties for the said elections, DSA held a meeting with the officials of the parties and the fronts today, where they chalked out plans and strategies for mass mobilization in provinces and districts.

The meeting was chaired DSA coordinator and Social Unity Party chair CB Gahatraj, and was attended by over a dozen fronts and member parties.

The meeting has appointed and created various committees like Political Coordination Committe, Secretariat, Province Coordination teams and more.

The scribe was there as a secretariat member and an onlooker, as one committed to constitutionalism and individual liberty. Therefore, it was a feeling of a certain kind to see socialist and left-leaning fronts mingle so cordially with capitalist or liberal party.






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