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An ambitious conqueror or a cunning unifier?

Painful history associated with P. N. Shah still divides the nation


Kathmandu, January 12-

The birthday of Prithvi Narayan Shah, also dubbed National Unity Day by some, has been at the center of a row ever since the demolition of the monarchy and declaration of Nepal as a secular republic.

Some see PN Shah as a mere cunning ambitious ruler from a poor terrain who envied the lush valleys and plains while others revere him as a far-sighted national unifier.
The issue demands some in-depth study and analysis to filter unwanted emotionalism and vitriol from the deliberation, therefore we will be expanding this stub in the coming hours and days as we move forward. -Editor
Activists and analysts like Ang Kaji Sherpa have been very behement against the discourse on national unification by PN Shah.

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