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Finale for Nepal- Italian Trekker tracks down Nepal tourism potential-

Policy and practice needs massive overhaul


March 12, Kathmandu

-Bidur Adhikari

Carlo Mamberto, an Italian trekker and rock climbing enthusiast turned philanthropist- joined by another Italian Francesco Vesalichi- met the press yesterday at Arush Boutique Hotel in Thamel.

The meet was moderated by Mr Achyut Gurung who runs a few hotels and travel agencies himself and is a seasoned hand in this field who has seen the ups and downs of tourism for last 32 years. He is also a philanthrope.

Carlo has been organizing “Finale for Nepal” in the island of Finale in Italy- one of the three most popular mountainbiking spots in Italy and whole of Europe as well – to promote Nepali tourism since 2009.  Every month over a million tourists visit Finale, and thus millions get to know about Nepal. He has been bringing tourists from Italy to Nepal on his own initiative, including people with disabilities like blind and deaf people. “Nepal is my second home- a home away from home,” Carlo says.

What began as Adventure Tourism has now grown into a philanthropy too whereby they have helped schools, provided shoes and clotings to poor people, and rescued stray dogs.

“My desitre is to see Nepal prosper by tourism industry,” Carlo syas with love and wistful concern for Nepal.

 Also, the team is involved in creating awareness about plastic

pollution and its control. School curriculum should contain comprehensive content about plastic, he says.

Ram Krishna Timalsina, tourism businessman and former treasurer of TAAN, expressed his concern at the lack of any conducive policy, and said that only with the promotion of tourism overall development of the country will be posssible.

Tikaram Nepali, G. Secretary of United Workers Organization Nepal also remarked that tourism businessmen and workers need to go hand in hand for the promotion of tourism industry.

Sustainable tourism is what they intend to bring to the country. And responsible tourism is also on their agenda as well as social tourism.

Policy reform is needed, and air port check up and passage should be made friendlier and efficient, they demand.

We extend our heartiest appreciation to the Italians and the Nepal entrepreneujrs who have undertaken the intitiative for responsible and sustainable tourism!

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(We will cover the issue of plastics, and tourist issues in separate features in the next weeks one piece at a time- Editor).


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