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Charity Sale by and for Single women-

Foodstalls, face painting, apparels, and advocay


January 7, Lalitpur-

A Charity Fair and Sale was organized today at the Basketball Ground at Nakhipot Bus Park area, Lalitpur.
Rise & Shine Nepal was the coordinator of the charity where other entities like Voice of Fetus, Sakshan Crafts, LBC Children Fellowship etc also had palcd their stalls. Mrs Sabina Chamling, founder of the NGO, was the mind behid the idea, as it transpired.
Apparel sale, snacks, face painting, rings/wallets/greetong card stalls were there, much to the entertainment of children and foodies and charitable spirits who enjoy shopping. Also, on the sidelines, fresh green vegetable could be bought, as well as pickles of various tangs and texture.
The scribe had taken his family there- all combined in one- fellowship, charity, sun-basking outing and whatnot.
Such charities can be a good way of raising awareness on issues far reaching, and raising some funds, and sensitizing the sociecty about the less fortunate one, it is hoped.

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