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Economic Aspects of MCC Nepal Compact-

It is insane to oppose this trend-setting grant!


February 07-

On the  latest episode of MCC Debate on Enepalese platform, various intellectuals, scholars, investors and development experts deliberated in detail the pros and cons of the MCC grant to Nepal.

Despite some concerns by some participants regarding some articles and clauses, most were very positive in their assessment of the MCC compact. Some ladies went emotional, recalling their rural life where they used to hew firewood for making fire- now a tale of the past due to acess to electircity and other alternatives.

Overall, the grant will be a trend-setter by being the first of such major projects to be completed, and will hold all parties accountable- the expert panel agreed. Only those who are either wilfully ignorant, or are funded by some extermist ideologues are opposed to such a transparent grant.



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