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Election Campaign gets going-

Parties trying to evenagelize their agenda


September 11, Lalitpur-

As the country is just 70 days away from the day of decision, parties have accelarated their effort to reach out to their base and potentially neutral therefore likely voters.

Social Unity Party (SUP) held a press conference today at its office at UVN to address issues and disseminate its election promises. Mostly, the party is for directly elected executive president, federalism, full secularism with religious freedom, full proportional election system, elimination of all forms of discrimination- among others.

Party chair CB Gahatraj addressed the media persons and answered their questions, where senior vice-chair Prem Bahadur Karki also clarified some issues.

“The party came out of some serious internal quagmire of a conflict, and is now poised to face any and all challenges”- the senior vice-chair said.

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