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Election Commission calls for Tiktok video themed on election-

Heavy criticism for beings urban-focused at the cost of ignoring the less privileged


October 22, Kathmandu-

The Election Comission of Nepal has called for Tittok videos focused on election education and voter encouragement.

Tiktok users might find it attractive, but EC is being criticized for focusing on the already comparatively educated and informed section of the populace while ignoring those who don’t have access to electricity, therefore internet, and Tikto and ither social sites for that matter.

The rules include: 20 seconds to 1 minute long, own voice and presence, focused on HoR and Province Assembly election, rightly voting etc. The winners will be awarded Rs 50,000 and a letter of appreciation.

“It is good for any government and constitutional entity to be abreast technologically, and encourage citizens in using such. But it should not be done at the cost of indifference to the less privileged people,”- SUP General Secretary Bidur Adhikari remarked.

But Tiktok users are more than elated hearing this news!



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