Expositing The Hidden Truth by Bishop Adhikari-

History behind the Origins of and Similarities among Cultures


January 25, Kathmandu-

Though today is a day of national shame and pain, a day of mourning in the real sense, for the innumerable sins of corruption, depravity, injustice and failure of people and companies to pay back their dues, we have taken this moment to address the real issue underlying the crises in identity, relationship and integrity. Hence, it is our effort to bring to light the hidden truth. Hopefully, the readers will take a serious look into the issue for themselves. -Editor

Bishop Doctor Dambar Adhikari, who is stationed in Germany and is the first Nepali missionary for Europe, has come up with the third edition of his book titled लुकेको सत्यता, which is now available also in English as The Hidden Truth.

The book poses serious questions like: who are the Mongols, Dalist, Aryans, and the Shah dynasty? How did they come to have the customs that are strikingly identical to the Jews? How can we address the eliminate the social evils like discrimination and ostracization? How did various professions and skills came into existence? Why are the Jews so influential despite their small numbers? 

It took the author a study of over 4000 books/magazines and a period of over 40 years to seek and find answers to his curiosities and questions.

The book in question makes some bold and thought-provoking claims such as:

 The Mongols are the descendents of Benei Manaseh.
 The so-called Untouchable communities are the priestly descendents of Levi.
 The Shah dynasties are the descendents of Pharoah.
 The Aryans are the worshippers of the deity called Baal.

The Chapter titles themselves speak volumes about the wide range of coverage and the seriousnes sof the issues covered by the book:

Chapter 1 – Introduction

Chapter 2 – A Mongolian History

Chapter 3 -The History of Untouchability

Chapter 4 -History of the Shah Dynasty

Chapter 5 -Aryan History

Chapter 6 -Law of Religion

Chapter 7 -Political Foundation

Chapter 8 -Indian Brahmins and Struggle among Jew Dalits

Chapter 9 -Jewish Lifestyle in Nepal



The Reference section provides various sources from Nepali authors/scholars to Jewish documents and Encyclopaedia articles and archaelogical artifacts, which can be further delved into by ano one interested in the topics

Bishop Dr. Adhikari concludes that the so-called Dalits/Untouchabl community are Israelites, and that the Mongols are the sons of Israel:

This book has attempted to make clear the solid proof that our Mongolian community is of Jewish origin and the children of Benei Manasseh are not any lowly and unholy community. They are not untouchable community, but instead, in His mercy, for thousands of years God has prevented them from worshiping the handiworks of men. Abundant evidence has been given that the Benei Ephraim and Benei Israel are the descendants of the Levites.

According to a deep study of the crown and the throne of the King of Egypt and background of our Shah Dynasty community, the throne of the Pharaoh King has a bull snake and the head of a cobra is also seen on the crown. This means that the Shah Dynasty kings are descendants of the Egyptian Ishmael. The Aryans have been worshiping Hitler’s swastika, though turning it upside down. It also has a deep meaning. This sign is considered as a very danger-

Baal and Bull: Idolatry in nations aroudn Israel and in Nepal/India

ous sign in Europe. They are ill-disposed to the Christians, the Dalits, and the Mongols- the people of God. In fact, it is God who is the creator of these four communities and Noah’s descendants came to Nepal after migrating from their sons, which is confirmed by archeological and biblical acco

unts, as well as from the striking similarities of the festivals and musical instruments found in these communities.

The author does not shy away from his high, spiritual calling and intentions when he concludes with these words:

It is my prayer that all the oppressed and suppressed communities come to know this truth, and be set free. And we all humanity may live in harmony and peace, gloriying our Creator God, whom we have the privilege of addressing as our Abba, Father. Only the Lord Jesus Christ, the God-Man, can redeem us; only in Him can we find forgiveness and healing.”

The Introduction reads:

Dr. Bishop Dambar Adhikari was born as the first child in an ordinary family in 1962 in Okhaldhunga district of Eastern Nepal Province No. 1 (Mount Everest region). Bishop Adhikari came to Kathmandu at the age of 16 and continued his studies and lived a struggling life doing various businesses. During that time, he used to spend time with various experts while looking for the history of his native land from bookshops and also spending time with various experts to satisfy his taste.

At the same time, he left Nepal in 1987 and went to Bahrain to work and a year after arriving there, he went to Egypt from Bahrain. After one year he returned to Bahrain again and from there he went to America to do theology as planned by the Operation Mobilization Organization. During the transit in Germany, according to God’s will, he was ordained as a pastor at the American Army Baptist Church in Germany and completed five years of service. Then he started the Bringing the Gospel back to Europe campaign. He has reached 30 countries and delivered good news to the people of 125 countries along with various other services. Now he is living in Germany along with his wife, two sons and one daughter and his whole family is working in ministry. Along with his wife Bishop Dambar Adhikari has been giving counseling among students and pastors in various Bible colleges.

Although he went to different places during his ministry, he did not stop researching his interest. “Remember the days of old, Consider the years of many generations. Ask your father, and he will show you; your elders, and they will tell you.” Meditating on Deuteronomy 32:7, he traveled to many countries and learned many languages, studied the roots of that language as well as other festivals and customs, instruments and lifestyle…


  • From 1990 to 1992 General Biblical Course
  • European Theology Research Seminary
  • Biblical Counselling
  • Presbyterian and Anglican B.Th.
  • Master of Pastoral Counselling

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Responsibility and Ministry Identity

  1. Director of the IMF International Missionary Fellowship Church Planting Project in Multicultural society.
  2. Associate director of Logos Bible College India Hyderabad
  3. Co-worker of Kontack Mission Church Planting Project in Multicultural society
  4. Pastor of ICC International Christ Center in wanne eickel Multicultural society in Germany  …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….        Prefaced with congratulatory remarks from Revd. Dr. Philemon Khadka Chhetri, Dr Hem Sagar Rasaili, Bishop Dr. Narayan Sharma, and Dr. Jayvanta Bikram Shah, the book is sure to raise interest and issues.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            The Hidden Truth                                                                                                          Author/Publisher  : Dr. Bishop Dambar AdhikariContact                 :

    Copyright             : @ the author

    First Edition                   : 2022 (1,000 copies, in Nepali)

    Second Edition     : 2022 (1,000 copies, in Nepali)

    Third Edition        : 2023 (1,000 copies, in English)

    Price                     : €/$ 10   (NPR. 300)

    Printing                 : Active Printing Press

    ISBN                    : 978-9937-1-3267-1

    Pages                  : Preface 12 + Main Text 186


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