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Nawal Khadka’s patriotic movie ‘Kandetar’ –

Title song released


April 16, Kathmandu-

Nawal Khadka who is often at the news for his purported patriotic movies, has once again hit the market with his latest venture ‘Kandetar’ (Barbed Wire), whose eponymous title song has been released.

It is an entertaining song, to say the least, which is sure to inspire much patriotic emotion in the Nepali audience. But the lasting question and concern is: is placing a barbed-wire fence along the border of the southern neighbour India the real and wise solution?

The description of the video reads:

KANDETAR (Barbed Wire) – By the People, For the People “Barbed Wire” on The Border.

But is it sanctioned by all the Nepali people? What about those particularly in the terai or Madhes region wgo share family ties across the border? Do they think the same way the producers of the move claim to? Such issues need serious treatment.

For one, the scribe is of the opinion that Nepal cannot afford to offend any neighbor cheaply. Instead, we need to utilize the principle/policy of “dynamic proximity and amity” (गतिशील घनिष्ठता र मित्रता) with all nations to benefit form them. And also address and pacify the security concern of the southern neighbor which feels beleaguered by the Chines expansionist belligerenace on the one hand and threta of terrorism on the other. These issues are genuine, and we cannot overlook them.

One can safely guess the movie follows the same old pattern of projecting the narrative of the protagonist killing every goon in his path. The main character is driving society in a positive direction by eliminating all conceivable inappropriate behavior. This time, the enemy is from beyond the border- that’s what makes the movie important and seriously concerning as well.

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