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Stakeholders Underline the Need for Socio-cultural Cohesion-

IPFN Holds a National-Level Interaction


December 09, Lalitpur-

Interfaith Peace Federation-Nepal (IPFN) held an important interaction today on Socio-cultural Cohesion, with stakeholders as varied as academicians, interfaith leaders, represnetatives of government minisstries, human rights commission, and media advocates.
Faith leaders praying one at a time

The facilitator on the theme was ‘transnational’ Professor Bishnu Pathak, the creator of the Peace-Conflict Lifecycle, the architect of Human Security Studies, the founder of the Principles of Process Documentation the pioneer of Process Documentation for Interfaith Peacebuilding Cycle. His profil also includes  his experience as a Commissioner at the Commission for Investigation on Enforced Disappeared Persons, Board Member at TRANSCEND Peace University, and the Founding Chairman at Peace and Conflict Studies Center.

Prof. Pathak drew out the world history of Development of Social Cohesion from Confucius’ idea of harmonious society, Marx’s
Dr. Pathak facilitating

collective conscious that promotes liberalism, Russell’s social cohesion, and pointed that presently social cohesion and interfaith peace has become the buzz word in global stage.He also stressed that Nepal constitution enshrines social cohesion in many noble ways- the issue being the implementation, though.

Religious figures are the most effective players in raising awareness, advocacy, motivation and facilitation with their masses, as they are the most respected and trusted figures, with the oss of trust on political players- he pointed. Peace building, peacemaking, and peacekeeping are three different stages and aspects, which calls for the role of the grassroot, the faith leaders, and the government agencies.

The gloomy prospect of relifious and communal conflict was frequently highlighted, which was stronly countered

Under-secretary Mr Sharma

by the remarks by the Undersecretary Sharma and theologian Dr. Bal Krishna Sharma too!


Secretaries and officers from the Ministry of Culture and Tourism – Mr Suraj Aryal, and National Human Rights Commisson- Ms. Kalpana Nepal Acharya, also briefly addressed the programme and expressed their willingness to work for socio-cultural cohesion.

Under-secretary of the Ministry of Home, Mr. Ramhari Sharma, addressing the programme noted that Nepalis have been a tolerant and assimilating people, a model for the world to follow regrading interfaith peace.

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