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Progressive Democratic Initiative-

For mainstreaming of alternative politics?


April 13, Kathmandu-

The hope and aspirations fo the masses have been let down time again, the latest on the series of such let down being the audio tape scandal of Rastriya Swatantra Party (RSP) MP Dhaka Kumar Shrestha allegedly demanding Rupees two crore from lately notorious entrepreneur.

At such times, the debate of Alternative Politics that began more than a decade ago seems to be taking the center stage once again.

There was a gathering of some forty plus in a banquet hall in Koteshwar yesterday to share and hear about this very issue, which ended with a positive note, affirming the need of such a political movement and ultimately a political party.

Chiefly, there was a consensus that the activists of this initiative shall not turn to the traditional forces from left and right- communist, Nepali Congress, nor the Hindu conservatives, nor there is any prospect of RSP being a dependable alternative.

Issues of inclusion, proportionate representaion, dignity and prosperity were agreed on principally. There seems to be a catch, however, as one participant pointed out: without demarcating political and economic ideology, it may be a sustainable force in the long run.

Yet, with experience form the past and passion for nation building, the initiative may prove a success for the good of the nation. Prosperity with dignity (आत्मसम्मानसहितको सम्वृद्धि) seems to be the buzzword for the movement.

Some participants were wary of the fiasco the alternative movement of Bibeksheel and Sajha party ended with, while many accentuated the fact that lessons were learnt and experience was gained.

One particular point about the group was that it seemed and tried to be inclusive of many factions and forces, communities and regions.

Writer and activist Keshab Dahal conducted the deliberations effectively.

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