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SUP purges itself of unruly elements – General Secretary Adhikari

Last in the series of divisions and conflicts - Mediapersons


October 21, Lalitpur-

Social Unity Party, which has been reeling at the wake of the divisions and even more devisions and internal conflicts, of disciplinary actions and counter actions, seems to have reached its breaking point yesterday as the 25 strong Executive Committee visibly shrunk to some 14 members, with expulsion of over ten EC officials.

But the silver lining in the cloud is that some other party officilas have returned and entered the pary fold, and may more are seeking return to the party- Deputy-chair and Spokesperson Tulasi Prasad Shrestha (Dhruba) said.

The General Secretary of the party, Bidur Adhikari seemed poised, calms and degtermined as he conducted the press meet, read out the Press Release, and acknowledged some revelation, namely, that then (now ousted) deputy chair has falsely reported and thus helped create distrust and conflcit between the chair and then GS BP Khanal.

The chair also made shocking revelation that some goons were hired and sent by someone to shoot him, and that a police case is pending on the alleged party.

Now SUP seems to have finally settled from the series of division and expulsions, and the medie persons also warned they would not attend nor cover nor broadcast any such news any more.



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