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Symposium on The Hidden Truth by Dr Adhikari

Facets of History and Culture Unravelled at the Heart of the Capital!


February 02, Kathmandu-

Libraries are trusted spaces, free to enter and open to all.

They provide people with the opportunity to read and learn with a range of books, digital and other resources. Titled “Libraries: Gateways to Knowledge,” a 2007 report describes the benefits and roles of libraries: “Libraries have a recognized social function in making knowledge publicly available to all,” it says. “They serve as local centers of information and learning, and are local gateways to national and global knowledge.”

It was made into a tangible reality for some of us today at the heart of the capital city where there was an open and vibrant book talk and interaction with the author.

Kathmandu Valley Public Library (KVPL) organized a book talk, or rather a symposium at its auditorium today with author Dr. Bishop Dambar Adhikari on his book The Hidden Truth (लुकेको सत्यता).

Attended by librarians, ex-librarians, and ex- and incumbent Chiefs  and General Secretaries of Nepal Library Association along with bibliophiles, readers and activists and mediapersons, the one and half hour long symposium was moderated by the scribe himself.

Mr Juju Bhai Dongol, the chief librarian of KVPL welcame the attendees and then gave the time over to the moderator who briefly introduced himself and invited the participanst for introducing themselves, and then proceeded to introduce the author and the book under discussion. Then the author was invited to the front for interaction on some questions by the moderator. Following this, KVPL librarian Mr Dongol carried on the discussiona is the panelist where he touched on some of the important and interesting issues in the book.

A previous coverage of the book can be found here:

Then the floor was opened to the attendees, chiefly the librarians who jumped in with various points of disagreement, moved to their core by the flagrant claims pertaining to culture, customs and religions which are always sure to arouse strong emotions.

A free and heated volley of arguments, claims and counter-claims followed as a result. Some even went so far as to accuse the author and the moderator of harboring vested interest and propagating certain religious views at the expense of the national and/or indigenous values, to which the author clarified neither they nor the west has invested in him, as far as the issue is concerned.

Finally, the moderator challenged the allegating voice to be first well-read and informed and have an open mind to new information. The programme was an informative and interesting one, Mr. Bhai Raj Rai, an attendee, remarked.


An excerpt from the book:

This book has attempted to make clear the solid proof that our Mongolian community is of Jewish origin and the children of Benei Manasseh are not any lowly and unholy community. They are not untouchable community, but instead, in His mercy, for thousands of years God has prevented them from worshiping the handiworks of men. Abundant evidence has been given that the Benei Ephraim and Benei Israel are the descendants of the Levites.

According to a deep study of the crown and the throne of the King of Egypt and background of our Shah Dynasty community, the throne of the Pharaoh King has a bull snake and the head of a cobra is also seen on the crown. This means that the Shah Dynasty kings are descendants of the Egyptian Ishmael. The Aryans have been worshiping Hitler’s swastika, though turning it upside down. It also has a deep meaning. This sign is considered as a very dangerous sign in Europe. They are ill-disposed to the Christians, the Dalits, and the Mongols- the people of God.”



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