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The ‘monster which looked beaten’ sending Dems into a panic


Sept 6-

The Democrats and their media mates are panicking as the “monster they thought looked beaten” suddenly looks the favourite to win the November US presidential election says Sky News host Andrew Bolt. “One big reason is that the Left started a civil war and it’s backfired,” Mr Bolt said. “For more than three months, mobs whipped up by race baiters and the far Left have burned, trashed, bashed, and looted in a string of Democrat-run cities”. He said the mob have been “claiming to be fighting racism but often using that as an excuse to steal, destroy and be racists themselves”. In recent weeks the issue of law and order has become one of the most salient issues of the election. Mr Bolt discussed facets of American politics and the upcoming election with former White House staff member Barbara Heineback.

Courtesy: Sky News Australia


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