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Village Mourns, Remembers, and Celebrates a Life Lived for Community!


March 18,


The late Chandra Prasad Adhikari was a father of five children including this scribe, who passed away on the wee hours of March 6, after suffering from a ‘brain stroke’ which caused his brain to go into coma from which he could not recover.

Born in Taplejung at the turn of the century in B.S. 2000 (1943 AD), he migrated to Morang in 2032 and became one of the first settler in the area of Johichaur-Kaseni.

Adhikari Family Associations pay tribute and express condolence:

It was a painful thing to see him go comatose- for a person who was living a active and otherwise healthy life even at the age of 78!

He had been a staunch  bastion of the leftist party, namely CPN-UML, and a well-known figure among the locals.

As the scribe reminisces, if any one was in need of some or other kind of support and succor, he would be the first person to offer one, without a least hesitation, without any second or third thoughts!

Teachers Associations pay visit and express condolences:

He may have been some slack in his prime as a breadwinner, but in the latter half of his life he was a very active social servant- if such a designation has any concrete meaning. He would postpone his family work, and lead the family in rural road construction work, settling new neighbors by helping them in farming and house construction, and contributing to party funds.

No wonder over 300 people accompanied his funeral procession with cortege including local residents and relatives, from Jhapa Morang, and Sunsari Districts, later from Panchthar District as well, and from Kaseni, Budhabare, Sundar-Haraicha, and Darbesha area.

As we round up the 13th day of his passing away with traditional family rituals, we take courage from his uncompromising serving attitude, trusting heart and a committed mind for a cause he believed was good for the society and the nation.

The Adhikaris and his relatives are overwhelmed with a sense of heart-felt gratitude and express sincere thanks to all those who visited us in this hour of pain, comforted, and supported in any way.

-Mohan+Kalpana, Sabitra+Chandra Bhandari, Pabitra+Meghraj Bhandaru, Bidur+Januka

And personally, I dedicate this write-up in our dad’s honor and memory…


Various teams visited:

Itahari Nobel School and College family:



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