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YWCA-Nepal and Asha Nepal EmpowHER:

Young girls and women equipped for life challenges!


July 24, Lalitpur-

Nepal Mahila Bishwasi Sangh-YWCA of Nepal organizes a training programme themed


Interestingly, the title of the training combines empower and empowHER- meaning empowering women, this time girls and young women.

30 girls and young women are participating in this training where they are taught to address various issues related to puberty, initiation into womanhood, self-dependence and earning skills.

Mrs. Draupadi Rokaya is the Director of Nepal Mahila Bishwasi Sangh, the YMCA of Nepal which has been serving the disadvantaged women and girls for almost three decades now through scholarships, life skills and rehabilitation. It helps young girls and women in coping with life emergencies by getting aware, informed and equipped to face unexpected occurences, emergencies and traumas.

“A couple girls from Asha Nepal had already taken this traing which was found very helpful, so this larger participation happened. We have participants from Asha Nepal and others, and we have provided the venue; all the cost is covered by Nepal Mahila Bishwasi Sangh itself,” Bimala Didi, Founding Director of Asha Nepal told the scribe. Mrs. Jyoti Ranjit of YCWA of Nepal  is helping coordinate the training.

The partnership and unity of hand, heart and mind between these two towering ladies and their respective ministry or social service organizations have been an example and inspiration for may young ladies and aspiring social workers here in Nepal, and abraod also.

Meanwhile some girls from Asha Nepal are in caregiver nursing training in Pokhara, and more of such trainings are planned.


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