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Alternative politics in Nepal:

Need and Aspirations


February 27-

Alternative politics refers to ways of introducing new and innovative ideas and approaches into the political arena with the aim of breaking with traditional and established ways of doing things. In Nepal, the need for alternative politics is becoming increasingly evident as the old political parties fail to deliver on their promises and fail to respond to the aspirations of the citizens. The failure of the old party leads to growing disillusionment and frustration among those seeking new and better opportunities.

Against such backdrop, hope and ambition need to be revived, which can only be achieved through alternative policies that offer a vision of a better future. For alternative policies to be successful, citizens must be informed and involved in the political process. They must understand the issues at hand and influence the decision-making process. This can be achieved by increasing government transparency and accountability and promoting civic education and participation.

The future looks bright for alternative politics in Nepal as more people realize the need for change. However, this will require sustained efforts and commitment from political leaders, civil society organizations and citizens. The challenges ahead are great, but the benefits of a more just, equitable and prosperous society are worth it.


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