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Fighting Misinformation and Disinformation on MCC-

It's a matter of Worldview!


Kathmandu, February 14-

Today being Valentine’s Day- a day of love and building up of famlilies and homes, and people, I dedicate my media advocacy for the cause of love and mercy and grace- not hatred and distrust and conspiracy theories. Hence this brief coverage on MCC!

US Embassy Nepal is about to livestearm a session on its facebook page, with senior research and investigative journalists.

The page info reads:

सवैलाई निम्तो: आज साँझ ६:४५ बजेबाट हाम्रो फेसबुक पेजमा लाइभ आयोजना हुने ‘भ्रामक सूचना, त्यसले निम्त्याउन सक्ने परिस्थिती र निरूत्साहित गर्ने उपायहरू विषयक नेपालका संचार क्षेत्रका विज्ञहरूसँगको छलफलमा सहभागी बन्न नबिर्सिनुहोस्।
Reminder: Mark your calendars! Join us today at 6:45 pm for a discussion on disinformation, its ramifications, and possible solutions.
Disinformation – think you can outsmart it? Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg says he works with more than 80 fact-checking organizations to label and remove debunked stories.
Join us on Monday, February 14 at 6:45 pm for a discussion on disinformation in Nepal, its ramifications, and solutions.
It really is all about if one is for life, liberty and propserity, or for one partry dictatorship! A matter of worldview, at the bottom!
Live lunk here:




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