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Breaking The Silence: Addressing the Taboo of Adolescent Parenthood -Prasamsha Bista

Unveiling the Hidden Reality and Confronting the Taboo

Prasamsha Bista
[We have started a new section with this very thought-provoking write-up on a pertinent issue- adolescence parenthood. This new section is titled “Guest Column”- in appreciation of the contributions of the young and aspiring writer and leaders. If you also want to get your original and impressive opinions published, please email us your article with your brief bio and a color pp photo <>. -Editor]

Prasamsha is a driven individual with a passion for law, language, and communication. Currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in English and Journalism Mass Communication, she brings a unique perspective to her journalistic pursuits. She has always been captivated by the power of words and their ability to shape narratives and spark change.

Why does society shy away from discussing adolescent parenthood? In this thought-provoking article, we delve into the taboos surrounding teenage pregnancy and explore its causes and consequences. It’s time to break the silence and foster a more open and understanding dialogue on this important issue.

Unveiling the Hidden Reality: Confronting the Taboo of Adolescent Parenthood
  1. Lack of Comprehensive Sex Education:
  • Inadequate sex education contributes to a lack of knowledge about contraception and responsible sexual behavior.
  • Limited access to accurate information leaves teenagers vulnerable to unintended pregnancies.
  1. Societal Stigma and Shame:
  • The taboo surrounding adolescent parenthood leads to stigma and shame for young parents.
  • Society often judges and ostracizes teenage parents, hindering their emotional well-being and support systems.

Peers play a significant role in shaping teenagers’ behavior and decision-making.

  1. Socioeconomic Factors:
  • Teenage pregnancy is more prevalent in economically disadvantaged communities.
  • Limited access to resources, educational opportunities, and healthcare can perpetuate the cycle of poverty.
  1. Peer Pressure and Influence:
  • Peers play a significant role in shaping teenagers’ behavior and decision-making.
  • Pressure to conform to social norms and engage in risky sexual activities can contribute to unplanned pregnancies.
  1. Emotional and Psychological Impact:
  • Adolescent parents face unique emotional and psychological challenges.
  • They may experience heightened stress, anxiety, and feelings of isolation, impacting their overall well-being

Consequences of Adolescent Parenthood:

1.Educational Disruption:

  • Teenage pregnancy often disrupts educational pursuits, limiting future career prospects.
  • Young parents may struggle to balance parenting responsibilities with completing their education.

2.Financial Strain:

  • Teenage parents often face financial challenges due to their limited earning potential and increased expenses.
  • Providing for a child at a young age can lead to financial instability and dependence on social welfare systems.

Why wait for a problem to arise when we can prevent it from happening in the first place? Let’s delve into the realm of teenage pregnancy, armed with the wisdom of Desiderius Erasmus who famously said, “Prevention is better than cure.”

3.Health Risks:

  • Adolescent mothers are at higher risk of complications during pregnancy and childbirth.
  • Babies born to teenage mothers may experience health issues and developmental challenges.

4.Intergenerational Impact:

  • The cycle of adolescent parenthood can perpetuate through generations.
  • Children born to teenage parents may face similar challenges and have a higher likelihood of becoming teenage parents themselves.

Why wait for a problem to arise when we can prevent it from happening in the first place? Let’s delve into the realm of teenage pregnancy, armed with the wisdom of Desiderius Erasmus who famously said, “Prevention is better than cure.”

 Unlocking the Power of Prevention: A Journey to Tackle Teenage Pregnancy

1.Comprehensive Sex Education:

  • “Knowledge is the key.” By embracing comprehensive sex education programs that provide accurate information about contraception, safe sex practices, and the consequences of early parenthood, we can equip young individuals with the tools to make informed decisions.
  • Let’s unlock the power of knowledge and empower our youth to take charge of their sexual health, preventing unplanned pregnancies before they occur.

2. Open and Supportive Communication:

  • “Break the silence, ignite the conversation.” By fostering open and honest dialogue about sex, relationships, and contraception, we create an environment where young individuals feel comfortable seeking guidance and support.
  • Let’s break down the barriers of taboo and empower young people to ask questions, share their concerns, and receive the support they need to make informed choices.

3.Access to Reproductive Healthcare:

  • “Equal access, brighter future.” Ensuring easy access to affordable and confidential reproductive healthcare services, including contraceptives and family planning resources, is a crucial step towards prevention.
  • Let’s tear down the walls of inequality and provide every young person, regardless of their background or circumstances, with the resources and support they need to prevent unintended pregnancies.

4.Empowering Life Skills:

  • “Empower them, shape their destiny.” By equipping young individuals with life skills such as decision-making, assertiveness, and goal setting, we empower them to navigate challenges and make responsible choices.
  • Let’s ignite the fire of empowerment within our youth, guiding them towards a future where they can shape their own destinies and pursue their dreams.

Why did the scarecrow blush when talking about teenage pregnancy? Because it heard prevention is better than a corny cure!”

Now, let’s move forward with determination, ensuring comprehensive sex education, open communication, access to reproductive healthcare, and empowering life skills. Together, we can create a future where teenage pregnancy becomes a rarity, and our young individuals can confidently navigate life’s challenges with a smile on their faces. Remember, prevention is not only wise but also can be quite amusing along the way!

Infographic courtesy: UNICEF


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