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Children turn creative to fight off COVID-19 pandemic


May 21-

During this lockdown pandemic, people need a positive mindset and a loving environment than anything else.

Asha Nepal, an entity dedicated to serving women and children, has come up with a creative idea to share their how-about, and instill positivity  in the kids. Here are some of their expressions:

‘Hi Everyone.
So this time while everyone is staying home bored, Our girls have written their thoughts on the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s a series of thoughts and writing.
I hope you will read their thoughts and appreciate them by writing comments or sharing or doing us private messages.
Here’s the first one from our Shanta;
Shanta says: ” In this COVID we all have to be Safe in our home because we are the strengths of our family, this is only how we help our family.
So many families are hungry outside but we are blessed here at Asha Nepal, we have our God, who gives us all things in this hard time.”‘
Kusum says:
“Daily routines have been interrupted, many people have been isolated from friends and family and worries are at an all-time high. Every person reacts differently to difficult or stressful times. While feeling worried is normal.
If you do not care for yourself, many uncomfortable emotions can arise – such as sadness, anger, frustration, and hopelessness. Making time to care for yourself during this time of uncertainty is important for emotional wellbeing. So you can think clearly and help your long-term health and overall happiness.
I am going to teach children reading, tell them stories, make them do activities like dance and also my teenagers’ friends too. “
Blessy says:
“During this time Asha Nepal is also affected by (covid 19) pandemic like people are not allowed to go outside, shortage of food grains, no money. so we should start praying for people all over the world. We can sing and dance with kids, pray, fast, worship, not just phone in our hand, but be creative and do something!”’
Such creative ways of engaging and keeping their spirits are crucial to surviving the fear and general air of hopelessness during the pandemic.
We salute and appreciate the service rendered by Asha Nepal team to all the inmates and needy ones.

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