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Ideologies and Ideals: A Historical Perspective

The looming Red Terror after a century!


Kathmandu, April 02-

Open Political Forum conducted the second episode on the Season 3, titled “Ideologies and Ideals: A Historical Perspective”.

Hosted by the scribe hmself- a media activist turned a vocal spokesperson of consitutionalism and human rightts- the episode set recounded the many killings caused by materislistic, Marxist view of human history.

A staggering number of people killed in the 20th centuty was some 17 crores, out of which some 11 crores were killed by communist dictatorships! This alone should be enough to warn us about the danger posed by the left today.


  • Ideas have consequences!
  • Comprehending ideologies is not an idle task.
  • “The death of one man is a tragedy. The death of millions is tatistics.” – Josef Stalin (?)

“Revolution devours its children”, so any bloody upheaval is dangerous- argued the host!

The deliberation concluded with a list of Commitments and Values:

  • Life, liberty and dignity!
  • Being on the right side of history!
  • Pluralism, inclusion, representation
  • Human rights, freedom of expression and press/publication.
  • Need for a Greater republican Alliance
  • आजको आवश्यकताः बृहत् लोकतान्त्रिक मोर्चा                                                                                                                 Facebook video link:

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